October 6, 2013
Bruce Jenner And Wife Kris Living In Different Houses, Son Brody Claims

Bruce Jenner and his wife Kris don't even live in the same house anymore, his son Brody claims amid rumors that the couple is headed toward a divorce.

Brody this week said that his often strained relationship with Kris Jenner has been steadily improving after a rough patch when he was younger. He added that the problems wasn't just with Kris but with his dad as well.

"My relationship [with Kris] is getting better now, but for a long time growing up I didn't see her that much and didn't trust her intentions.' he told the UK's Now Magazine.

In the interview Brody dropped another bombshell --- his dad Bruce Jenner is staying in a different house than his wife. Bruce reportedly stayed at a rental home in Malibu while Kris lived at the family's mansion in Calabasas.

But according to Brody, that doesn't mean the couple is getting a divorce.

"I stay out of their business, but as far as I'm concerned, they haven't split up. Dad's been in Malibu - he grew up out here - and the press has made a big deal of it. It's nothing to do with them breaking up."

Despite Brody's denials, the couple hasn't been able to escape divorce rumors. This week Kris's younger sister Karen Houghton said that Bruce and Kris were "separated" and that Bruce already had a lawyer for the upcoming divorce proceedings.

But Bruce Jenner has yet to officially file for divorce in any court, and even Houghton said they two could iron out their difference.

"Their relationship goes back and forth. I would love to see them get back together," Houghten said.

If they do divorce, Kris and Bruce Jenner could have a lot of details to work on. They are worth more than $100 million combined and have property that would need to be divvied. It's not clear if the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement when they married in 1991.