October 6, 2013
Pentagon's Furloughed Workers Recalled As Matter Of National Security

The government shutdown furloughed nearly 350,000 civilian employees for the Pentagon, those workers are now being called back to work.

Congress agreed over the weekend to recall those workers as a matter of national security.

According to Pentagon officials more than 90 percent of furloughed employees are returning to work. The decision to recall the employees was made by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The workers are being recalled to maintain American's "readiness for military action."

Based on that recall 450,000 of the government's 2.1 million civilian employees are still on furlough leave.

The decision was made during a Saturday session as the US Congress attempted to help federal workers ease their financial concerns. As we previously reported furloughed workers will receive back pay when the government shutdown ends. Before the bill passed Democrats said the Republicans have essentially created a "paid vacation" for workers at taxpayer expense.

A law passed by Congress just before the shutdown ensures that active-duty military personnel and civilian Pentagon workers on the job receive their paychecks on time.

The government shutdown will be confused further this week as the GOP and Democrats debate raising the debt ceiling beyond its current $16.7 trillion level. Republicans are attempting to use the debt ceiling to combat ObamaCare, change the tax code, and make other demands.

President Obama in the meantime says the government budgets and the debt ceiling should not be used as a means to negotiate demands.

The House and Senate have no plans to meet again until Monday afternoon which means the government shutdown will last at least one full week.The White House is now claiming that opening the government after the shutdown all boils down to a simple vote by lawmakers.

Do you think the government shutdown should come to an immediate end since workers will be paid regardless of further negotiations.