October 6, 2013
Kristen Stewart Shows Off New Tattoos, But They Could Be Fake

Kristen Stewart only got her first tattoo in June, but in the past few months she's turned her body into a veritable canvas.

If they're real, that is.

The actress showed up in Los Angeles on Saturday sporting a couple of new tattoos, including a fish just above her right wrist, a crown on her left hand, and what appeared to be a rustic hammer on her left arm.

The Daily Mail speculated that the art may just be temporary, the product of a long and boring flight. Kristen Stewart said nothing about her artwork, dodging questions as she took the look of a punk rocker with Black Flag t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Kristen had been in Berlin filming her role in the movie Sils Maria, which led to speculation that the body art is part of her makeup for the film.

The role is an edgy one in which Kristen plays a handler for a young actress.

"I play a personal assistant to an actress. It takes two very particular people to have that relationship be functional --- one that services the other -- because Juliette Binoche is playing the actress that I assist, and she is one of the most powerful women I think I've ever seen in film," Kristen told WWD about the role.

The role has also generated some buzz because of a skinny dipping scene that shows Kristen Stewart naked.

Leaked photos of the nude scene showed up on the internet, showing Kristen Stewart in a black bra and white underwear while her costar, Juliette Binoche, was completely naked.

It's still unclear if the tattoos were real or just part of the movie. Kristen Stewart got her first two real tattoos in June, an infinity symbol on her right wrist and the four-line logo of the punk rock band Black Flag on her right wrist.