October 6, 2013
Gloria Estefan Gets Up Close View Of Kathy Griffin's Granny Panties [Photo]

Kathy Griffin's granny panties were recently introduced to superstar Gloria Estefan.

Griffin appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and she talked about an event in September where she introduced the Miami-based singer.

Estefan was celebrating the release of her new album, The Standards, when Griffin showed up to help her friend out.

Griffin tells Jay Leno, "I was actually doing a one-nighter in Miami, and my good friend Gloria Estefan introduced me. I thought, I'd like to keep these celebrities on their game so... I just for no reason lifted my dress, and the look on her face I think says it all... [but] I don't know what I was thinking wearing the granny panties."

Kathy Griffin has never been the type of comedian to shy away from her personal life, in fact she might "regret" the decision, but she still took the time to tweet out a photo of her granny panty flashing way.

Throw in the fact that her underwear choice was baggy granny panties and we have to applaud her ability to really put herself out there.

Griffin isn't the only one talking about the granny panties, Estefen recently told Renee Bargh, "My face says it all in that picture."

So what's the hubbub all about? Here's the Twitter pic:

According to Estefan the granny panties were about "10 sizes too big."

With stunts like this we fully understand why Kathy Griffin is on the "D-List" and not the C, B, or A-Lists.

You are very welcome for an image that is now burnt into your brain for the rest of your life.