October 6, 2013
Hostamania: Web Hosting Powered By Hulk Hogan

Are you ready for your website to be powered by Hulk Hogan? The famed WWE wrestler has formed a new partnership for a product called Hostamania.

Hogan and Tech Assets, Inc. have teamed up to use Hogan's name and the company's innovated cloud hosting technology to draw in a new crowd of users.

Hostamania will not only offer web hosting, it will also provide web design services for customers. According to a press release from the newly formed partnership, Hostamania will assist users in creating websites that offer a "professional presence" without the need for website development experience.

Hulk Hogan and his business partners are also offering domain name registration and competitive rates.

Talking about what he hopes to take away from Hostamania the professional wrestler explains: "Making a website has never been easy, but with Hostamania, I'm getting back in the ring to make sure that anyone can set up a site. I didn't get to be the world champion by settling for anything but the best, so I'm very excited to have a great staff and some amazing technology in my corner. This is going to be huge, brother!"

In anticipation of the Hostamania launch a promotion video was released and as expected it features Hulk Hogan's over the top performance style.

Talking about the promotion video Hogan says:

"I'm well known for being an over-the-top personality, in and out of the ring, but this new video is going to get your attention, brother! I love the result—it's fun and people will definitely talk about it."

We could have done without the Miley Cyrus inspired Wrecking Ball shot with Hulk Hogan in a thong.

Would you trust your web hosting needs to a company called Hostamania?