December 25, 2017
Daniel Radcliffe Horror Movie 'Horns' Acquired By Dimension Films

The Daniel Radcliffe horror movie Horns was recently acquired by Dimension Films and Radius-TWC. Unfortunately, the distributor hasn't unveiled a release date just yet.

Based on the novel by Joe Hill, the story follows a young man who discovers horns growing out of his head after the mysterious death of his girlfriend. Since this is a horror movie, expect all sorts of nastiness to follow.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executives at Dimension Films and Radius-TWC coughed up a significant chunk of change for the Daniel Radcliffe horror movie. While an official release date isn't available as of this writing, it's believed the film will bow in North America at some point during 2014.

During a chat with Yahoo! Movies last month, the Harry Potter star revealed that he enjoyed wearing horns for his role in director Alexandre Aja's adaptation. He also said that he is very proud of his work in the upcoming horror flick.

Daniel Radcliffe explained:

"The first bit is like a comedy, and then this huge love story is revealed throughout. And then it's also a revenge thriller and a horror movie. Nowadays, people are so keen for everything to be put into one box. The great thing about 'Horns' is that it constantly defies that impulse to let itself be categorized."
Aja's horror movie isn't the only project keeping the actor busy these days. Radcliffe recently landed a role in writer Max Landis and director Paul McGuigan's Frankenstein. Daniel will tackle the role of Igor while James McAvoy will play Victor Von Frankenstein.

Instead of doing a cold and detached version of the story, Landis told Ain't It Cool News that he wanted to make Igor more sympathetic. If that's the angle he and McGuigan are taking, then Daniel Radcliffe is definitely the right guy for the job.

"Why not do it in an intelligent, hopefully, thoughtful way, about friendship and science, genius and madness, love and ambition, life and death? Why not use that imaginary, fairy dust framework of 'guy with hunchbacked assistant makes monster' and make it fun, sad, scary, and hopefully, I really hope this, moving," the writer explained.

Are you looking forward to catching Daniel Radcliffe in Alexandre Aja's Horns?

[Image via Dimension Films / Radius-TWC]