December 25, 2017
Justin Bieber Discovery Madison Beer Reveals The Best Advice He Gave Her

Justin Bieber discovery Madison Beer's life has been a whirlwind of ever since the Canadian superstar spotted her on YouTube.

Owner of a refreshingly strong alto, Beer's debut single "Melodies"is tailored perfectly to the teenage demographic the 14-year-old appeals to. As well as being a big Bieber fan --- she cites his 2011 movie-biopic Never Say Never as the reason she entered the music industry --- somewhat surprisingly given her clean-cut image, Madison's idol is Bajan bad girl Rihanna.

These are just some the gems revealed in a new interview with Metro. Inevitably, the Long Island native has plenty to say about Justin.

"It was so crazy! I was such a huge fan of him and for him to notice me was incredible," she gushes, referring to his Twitter endorsement of her YouTube video last year.

Revealing she hangs out with her 19-year-old patron "whenever he's around," the brunette says the Bieb's rags-to-riches journey from Canada to Atlanta and stardom with his single mom, Pattie Mallette, "really inspired [her] and showed me anything is possible."

She added, "I really look up to Justin a lot and for him to be able to give me advice and help me out and hang out with me and be such a nice person to me is really awesome. I'm really grateful for that."

Asked what the best advice Justin has given her, Beer's reply may be a reflection of the "Baby" star's experience as a target for barbs about his pre and post ripped physicality and predominantly female fan base and --- more recently --- his on and off Believe tour exploits.

"I think the best advice he gave me is when he said there are going to be haters and people are going to be mean but you have to keep your head up and believe in yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she recalls, adding she used any 'hate' that comes her way as "motivation" to change "negative stuff into positive."

Of another much-debated ex-child-star, Miley "Molly" Cyrus, the new teen star on the block is refreshingly frank.

"I love her," Beer enthused. "I think that there are definitely some people who are like oh my god, what happened to her, this is horrible. But I think if she's happy doing what she's doing and confident and having fun then I think it's fine."

She continued: "Maybe it's a phase she's going through. She and her fiancé just broke up and that's going to be really tough on her and everyone handles things differently. Maybe she's trying to get attention from him – I don't know But I look up to her and I'll always be a huge fan."

Amid tidbits about her clothes faves, love for Broadway shows, missing New York, Beer said recording "Melodies" was the "funnest day" of her life, perhaps exceeded only by filming the dancing-in-the-street video (which Bieber cameos in) as an "awesome fun day."

Declaring she has no intentions of becoming a bad girl ("I think I'm always going to stay true to myself,") the nova starlet offered her own advice to aspiring singers.

"Never give up," says Beer. "Seriously, anything is possible and if you have any doubts, don't. Believe in yourself and you'll go so far and that's the most important thing. Don't let anyone knock you down or tell you otherwise."

If that sounds like a Bieber-ism, it probably is.

[Image via YouTube]