June 29, 2017
Vodka Vending Machine Installed In Town Center

A vodka vending machine, just when you think you've heard it all.

According to United Press International, a vodka vending machine was installed in the town center of Melitopol, Ukraine.

While some may find this little contraption amusing, the Ukrainian authorities do not.

BBC News stated that Ukrainian authorities want to interview the owner of this "wonder machine" in connection with suspected illegal trade in alcohol. BBC News continued on to say the following:

"Experts quoted by the Interfax-Ukraine news agency estimate that 35 percent of all vodka sold in Ukraine in 2012 was unlawfully produced.

"This means "every second glass and every second bottle" according to Anatoliy Viyevsky, Director of the Ukrainian National Alcohol and Drug Observatory."

This tricked out coffee machine accepted both bills and coins, but during the investigation, Ukrainian authorities taped up the money slots. The machine charged one dollar per shot.

Liquor can be made from almost anything according to a report by The Inquisitr.

The report stated that a new liquor can be made from used coffee grounds.

From Science's description, the used coffee grounds booze was created using a fairly standard fermentation process involving sugar and yeast. That doesn't make it sound much different from any other hard liquor.

So it would seem that making hard liquor could be easier than once thought, so of course tricking out a coffee machine to dispense vodka shots wouldn't be that hard, right?

The vodka vending machine didn't only dispense vodka shots, but was also rigged to dispense fruit juice mixers. It seems like the creative mind behind this machine thought of everything.

Harpers continued on to say that many Easter European countries are seeing a rise in the illegal production of vodka.

A vodka vending machine may seem like an... interesting idea to some, but to the Ukrainian authorities, this is no laughing matter.

[photo credit: paulswansen via photopin cc]