September 3, 2013
Charlie Hunnam First Look: Can He Fill FSoG Fangirls' Lofty Expectations?

So Charlie Hunnam has been confirmed to bring the fanfic turned bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey to the big screen, starring as the much-adored, much-critiqued Christian Grey in the BDSM romance adaptation.

While Charlie Hunnam has been wooing fans as the dreamy Jax on Sons Of Anarchy, the British hunk has huge expectations to live up to bringing fangirl fave Christian Grey to the big screen in the hotly anticipated film version of the novel trilogy.

It's safe to say that Hunnam -- 6'1", blonde, and British -- fulfills female fantasy tropes enough to at least start to get FSoG readers aflutter, but many are reportedly less than pleased with the SoA star's casting. (As is often the case when a popular book or series is adapted.)

Several die hard fans took to Twitter to blast the decision to go with Hunnam over Matt Bomer, who was a favorite for the role.

Ian Somerhalder had also been in the running -- at least in fanon -- and passing over him also gave fans pause. Similarly, some seemed under the impression that Robert Pattinson (whose Edward Cullen was the original inspiration for the Gray character) would be selected to play Christian in Fifty Shades Of Grey the movie, apparently forgetting real life is never so actually meta.

One fangirl is pretty pleased with the choice -- E.L. James, perhaps queen of all the fanfic writers, took to Twitter to laud the decision to cast Hunnam, fan outcry or no:

"To all the supporters, lovers and haters -- thank you so much for the passion that you have for this project. You all rock. All of you."

Do you think Charlie Hunnam will make a good Christian Grey?