September 3, 2013
Geraldo Rivera's Nude Selfie Comes Back To Haunt Him

Geraldo Rivera's nude selfie has come back to haunt him. The infamous pic has resulted in the cancellation of an upcoming college speaking gig, and the Fox News host is crying "censorship!" on Twitter.

Rivera was scheduled to speak on a panel at Dusquesne University in Pittsburgh for an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination. In light of Rivera's nude selfie, tweeted in July, the Catholic institution has decided to go in another direction.

"The administration felt that Mr. Rivera's decision to post a nearly naked picture of himself on social media was inappropriate and inconsistent with who we are as a Catholic university," said a statement from Dusquesne University to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"We warn our students not to put anything inappropriate on social media because of potential consequences -- you could consider this teaching by example."

Rivera has insisted he was just "harmlessly showing off" with the photo, but it resulted in a lot more controversy and derision that he bargained for.

Still, he wasn't expecting the backlash from Dusquesne University, and said in an interview with Politico that he had offered to speak at the event for free. Furthermore, they didn't even tell him about the cancelled appearance. He said that he found out from another panelist at a hotel bar.

Since they won't let him speak, he has turned to Twitter to air out his grievances with the school.

Why Geraldo Rivera doesn't think he has to suffer any consequences for posting nude selfies online (like everyone else does) is beyond us, but let us know what you think. Is Dusquesne University well within their rights to cancel on Rivera, or are they being a little too prudish?

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