September 3, 2013
iPhone 5S: The Latest Rumors

With Apple set to announce the iPhone 5S in just over a week, rumors are still coming out regarding when the device will be available for purchase and what colors it will come in.

As a result of a leak from Apple Store employees, we know that the company has marked September 20-22 off as "vacation blackout days" in order to prevent people from avoiding work for whatever reason. These blackout days have been used in prior iPhone launches since Apple stores tend to need every employee they can find when a new device comes out.

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

Even though everyone has been calling the upcoming iPhone, the iPhone 5S, it may still end up being the iPhone 6. However, the main reason why people are suggesting that it will be the 5S instead, is because the device is only expected to bring slight changes to the hardware of the device.

That being said, Apple could easily end up launching an iPhone 6 just to throw everyone off, but it will most likely be called the iPhone 5S.


We already know that the iPhone 5S will be coming out in more colors than previous devices have. Instead of the usual black and white, colors such as gold and champagne may be offered.

The latest addition to the color list is purported to be graphite. Based off of a leaked picture, the iPhone 5S may be coming in graphite along with the other colors. Graphite does make more sense than many of the other rumored colors, so this leak will likely end up being real.

The iPhone 5C

Apple's iPhone 5S is set to be an amazing new smartphone but rumors surrounding a cheaper iPhone, the 5C have stolen the spotlight. The iPhone 5C is expected to be announced later this year and offer a plastic casing--instead of metal or glass--and come in at around half the price of the regular iPhone.