June 29, 2017
Eminem Slane Girl Drama Overshadows Irish Gig

Eminem's Slane Castle gig last night marked one of the most anticipated Irish summer events, but a side controversy involving a girl (now known as "Slane Girl") shamed on social media has clouded over the good time.

Eminem's Slane Castle appearance was widely embraced by a culture that is also very largely white and very intensely loves American hip-hop. A Daily Beast profile of the legendary festival even quoted Lord Henry, Slane Castle's current dude-in-charge, as calling Eminem "the gentleman from Detroit." Oh, Europeans, you so fancy.

However, a controversy involving "Slane Girl," a Belfast man who posted images of the teen online, and a viral sharing of the pics has emerged, and Gardaí in Ireland say they've not yet received any proper complaints on the matter.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Gardaí express concern more for "Slane Girl's" welfare following the incident than the criminal aspect, particularly in the absence of a complaint. The paper explains:

"We have still not received a formal complaint about the photos. The man who posted the images is believed to be from the Clonard area of west Belfast. However, it's emerged the girl has made a separate complaint of sexual assault at an event that does not relate to the online photos. One source said: 'The primary concern for gardai is for this vulnerable teenager and her state of mind. Gardaí have been dealing with her and her family. This is a very sensitive case.' "

The source adds:

"The teenager has not been medically fit enough to make a formal statement yet but when that happens this could turn into a sexual assault investigation."

Slane Girl was hospitalized after the Eminem concert incident, but released to her parents afterwards.

However, the pictures of the Eminem show and the alleged sex act were subsequently passed around on the web, and she returned to the hospital where she was tested for unspecified reasons. A Garda spokesperson told the paper:

"We are aware an image exists and are investigating the full circumstances."

The paper further quotes a tweet sent by former Armagh GAA captain Jarlath Burns, who urged Irish Twitter users to stop tormenting the girl by sharing the images. Burns said:

"As child protection teacher in school of 1,500 I can attest to the devastation that girl in Slane must be feeling. Please delete tweets. She needs supported not judged."

Others were not as sympathetic, tweeting:

Eminem has not addressed the "Slane Girl" controversy publicly.