August 9, 2013
William Neugebauer Beat Wife With Frozen Meat

A husband from Pennsylvania has been accused of beating his wife, with a slab of frozen meat.

Police from Aliquppa have confirmed that they were called to the home of William Neugebauer on Tuesday, after there was a report of domestic violence.

When they arrived at the 51-year-old's abode they stated that they found his wife, Wendy Neugebauer, with swelling on her ribs. When officers inquired as to how it got there, she told them that her husband had attacked her with the meat.

Neugebauer had fled, but when he returned home, around half an hour later, he was arrested. Police have confirmed that Neugebauer now faces several charges, which include assault, reckless endangerment, public drunkenness, and harassment.

It's believed that the incident occurred on Tuesday evening at around 5.45pm, and officers then arrived at the address of 1927 Parkview Place, once they received the report of domestic abuse.

When Neugebauer returned home he was reportedly drunk and simply sat on the porch. He is currently in jail, with a bond of $10,000, and will face a preliminary hearing on Tuesday. No attorney is listed for him.

46-year-old, Mrs Neugebauer has repeatedly updated her Facebook page with details of her turbulent relationship with her husband.

These passages constantly refer to his addiction to alcohol, which in turn has, predictably, brought a terrible strain upon their marriage.

A public Facebook page, entitled, Neugebuer Family Wisdom, featured the following post from her: "I will never make the mistake of telling Bill that I'm late with my 'family friend' when he is drunk again."

She then continued, "Otherwise, he'll go Jerry Springer on me and tell everyone who will listen that I AM INDEED PREGNANT and the child is NOT his, and I PURPOSELY got pregnant so I could get his social security checks for the next 18 years."

[Image via saddako/Shutterstock]