August 9, 2013
Can Sleeping In Separate Beds Help A Relationship? New Survey Thinks So

More and more couples are opting to sleep in separate beds according to a new survey.

As many as 30 to 40 percent of couples sleep in different beds, Director of Ryerson's Sleep and Depression Laboratory Colleen Carney told CBC.

Just because these couples aren't sleeping in the same beds at night, doesn't mean they are having trouble in their relationship. In fact, it can be helping some relationships improve.

"People will say they sleep better [together], but when we actually monitor their brains we see that their brain is not getting into deeper stages of sleep because they're continuously being woken up by movement or sound," Carney says. "It creates a lot of problems."

Using brain scans, researchers found that couples who sleep together do not get into the deeper stages of sleep according to the Daily Mail.

"Rather than continuously waking each other up with various sounds and movements, Dr Carney says couples should consider sleeping separately for a better night's rest, as well as a happier relationship."
When it comes to the idea that a couple who sleeps apart is unromantic or trouble, Carney says its just not true.

"People can have very good and satisfying relationships sleeping apart," she explains. Some people might be headed to divorce and then they actually sleep apart and find this new way to connect."

One couple says they have slept in separate beds for nearly 14 years, and there is nothing wrong with their relationship.

"I would end up on the floors a lot of nights trying not to wake him up," Risa said about her experience with restlessness during pregnancy. "That seemed sort of ridiculous."

Lance, meanwhile, said he would attempt to stay still, lying awake in a frozen state, hoping to allow Risa a good night's sleep. "It was more agitation than anything else," said Risa. "I think it just created tension."

According to CBC, Risa made the suggestion that they try sleeping separately, and their relationship has gone great, saying that their choice hasn't negatively impacted their relationship in any way.

What do you think about this survey? So you share a bed or do you prefer to sleep in separate beds?

[Image via Shutterstock/Stephanie Swartz]