August 9, 2013
The Good Dinosaur Cast: New Pixar Movie To Feature Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader

John Lasseter made a few big announcements at Disney's D23 convention in California today. Pixar's chief creative officer revealed the cast for the new Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur and also said that Party Central, a new Monster's University, would be heading to theateres soon.

Lasseter said that the new Pixar movie would feature the voices of John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris and Judy Greer. Lucas Neff will voice the main character, Arlo, an apatosaurus who meets one of the very first humans on earth.

According to The Roto Scopers, Lasseter played a clip from the new movie that showed all of the dinosaurs as farmers. The triceratops act as bulldozers, the stegosaurus uses its spike tail to mow down crops, and the long neck apatosaurs do the plowing.

The clip also hinted at an asteroid hitting the earth. Slash Film reports that the clip showed today at D23 started with a giant asteroid flying across the sky.

The movie also features little "bugs." The bugs are actually humans but the dinosaurs don't pay much attention to them. That is until Arlo meets a little human boy named Spot.

Lasseter also announced a new short called Party Central. The Monsters University short will premiere before The Good Dinosaur.