August 9, 2013
Hard To Watch 'Don't Text and Drive' Film Released

There's no denying that texting while driving is a high rising problem. Although laws have been put into place to prevent texting while driving from occurring, the fact is that lives are lost every day because people are consumed by getting their message across. Since this trend, there have been a handful of PSAs created to dissuade people from texting while driving.

Werner Herzog's short film From One Second To The Next has a simple but effective title. The film is so powerful that it might just do the trick to get eyes off of phones and back on the road. As part of the It Can Wait campaign, filmmaker Werner Herzog has made a 35-minute documentary focusing on the lives affected by texting while driving. The impact proves to be great.

From One Second To The Next was announced nearly two months ago, and now it made its debut on YouTube this week. It's a documentary that profiles the lives of the victims of people who were involved in texting and driving accidents, and their dreams that were destroyed because of a texter behind the wheel.

The documentary opens to profile Xzavier "X" who was a bubbly, fun-loving boy, who loved sports, and was extremely active. Now, "X" as his mother calls him, is paralyzed from the diaphragm down. Although his appearance is brief, his mother's words about hearing her son's ventilator breathe from him every night, are more than impactful.

In addition to the victims, the film does feature people who were behind the wheel and are living with great guilt due to texting instead of paying attention to the road. Reggie Shaw doesn't remember the text he was sending at the time, when his car his another's that sent it across the road and colliding into a pickup truck.

AT&T plans to release the film to over 40,000 high schools in an effort to demonstrate just how dangerous texting while driving is. We think this may be the biggest impact yet.

Watch the documentary below: