August 9, 2013
This Toddler Singing To Elvis Is Sure To Make Your Friday

This toddler singing along to Elvis is sure to make your Friday afternoon!

Ella Mae is only 21 months old, but her little sing along has already made her a Youtube sensation according to Yahoo.

Ella Mae's rendition of Elvis has gotten more than 467,000 views on the YouTube video, which went up last month. reported the following:

"Apparently Ella Mae is also a big fan of The Beatles and J.D. McPherson and The Beach Boys, but her father says that her patience is a little thin, so it's difficult to get a rendition as lengthy as the one below."
According to Yahoo, her father claims that ella mae likes to singalong to other Elvis songs such as Suspicious Minds and Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Other songs include the Beatles songs Twist and Shout and the Stray Cats' Stray Cats Strut.

The toddler knows this Elvis song so well that she has some of her head and arm movements nearly perfect with the rhythm of the song.

Yahoo reported "she has her head movements perfectly timed to the cymbals and moves her arms in rhythm to dramatic points in the music as if she is conducting the instrumental section."

You'll just have to check the video above to see the absolute adorableness for yourself!

Viewers have absolutely fallen in love with this little toddler, just check out some of the comments left on the Youtube video's page:

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What do you think of little Ella Mae, the toddler who loves to sing along to Elvis?