August 9, 2013
Lindsay Lohan: One Week Out Of Rehab And Off The Wagon?

Lindsay Lohan,27, looked a "total mess" after partying all night with Max George this week.

She only left the Cliffside Malibu facility last week following a 90-day treatment program ordered by the court.

In spite of promising that she would mend her riotous ways, she was seen at an all-night party with The Wanted in Los Angeles.

The party was so loud that guests were complaining. Lindsay, who briefly dated Max in the past, was partying with the band.

Eventually,there were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down. Lindsay left at 7 a.m.; people who saw her when she left the hotel said she looked a total mess and beat up.

A spokesperson for Lindsay Lohan said they "highly doubt" the account is true, adding: "Although Lindsay did visit her good friend Max, this is otherwise a completely false story."

A source close to the star said, "She is friends with Max and did visit him, but everything else is untrue. She did not drink, she was in bed by midnight, and she showed up on time for therapy this (Thursday) morning. She has a sober coach."

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Lindsay started a short term romantic relationship with a male during her stay in rehab. This led to him being kicked out for "inappropriate sexual relations."

The troubled life of Lindsay Lohan continues....

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