August 9, 2013
Arrested Development Creator Mitch Hurwitz Loved New Episodes, Even If You Didn't

Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development, has been discussing the comedy's return, and he's revealed that he is "really really happy with it, for the dumbest reasons."

The writer and showrunner discussed the fourth season of the show with The Guardian, stating that he is "super happy with it." However he did add, "like anyone, I get buffered by the ups and downs with the press's reaction and I go to that a little too much because I'm a solicitous person and I want people to laugh. But in my heart of hearts, I'm really, really happy with it, for the dumbest reasons."

Hurwitz went on to discuss his favorite scenes from the fourth season, stating that he loved, "seeing George Michael in one episode talking about his software company with great ease, then in another episode you realise it wasn't with great ease, that was him starting to lie. I love stuff like that!"

He then added, "I love experimenting with storylines, going from it being simple to all cause and effect. It was a crossword puzzle of a show and it was the hardest thing I've ever done."

The writer also noted that there is a lot more story left to tell with the characters, and when he was asked if he was planning to do an Arrested Development movie, he simply responded, "I hope so."

Bryan Grazer, the producer behind the series, previously confirmed that discussions are ongoing for a fifth season, stating, "We are in conversations with them to do another. They are interested in doing that."

Jason Bateman previously discussed the possibility of an Arrested Development movie with E! Online, noting, "[Creator] Mitch Hurwitz's intention always was to do a movie and when he started to write the movie script, the story that he wanted to tell was too long and too big to fit in a standard movie script."

He then concluded, "So he decided to take the first act of that movie and put it in these episodes. Acts two or three will either be in a movie or a longer form on Netflix."

Did you enjoy the fourth season of Arrested Development?