August 9, 2013
Mark Wahlberg Mistaken For Matt Damon By Fan, Responds 'Close Enough'

An eager movie fan was filled with joy when she met Mark Wahlberg and asked him for his autograph, but was then mortified to discover later on in the day that she'd actually been calling him Matt Damon instead.

Wahlberg acted like a thoroughly nice gentleman throughout the exchange, and didn't try to correct the women. Instead, he simply allowed them to take a picture with him, all whilst they called him by the wrong name.

One of the two women who spoke to Wahlberg, was later informed of her mistake when she contacted her friend. She simply text her pal, "We saw Matt Damon," alongside two images of the pair hugging Mark Wahlberg, to which her friend responded by sending her a screenshot of the actual Matt Damon.

The woman simply laughed off her mistake though, writing, "LMAO I screamed 'MATT DAMON!!!," before adding, "He didn't correct us at all lmao."

The whole ordeal was then uploaded to the Internet, and even managed to make it back to the The Fighter actor, who decided to post it onto his Facebook page, alongside the caption, "close enough."

Angelique Dormevil, one of the women involved, wrote on Wahlberg's Facebook post, "Sorry for the mistake. My mom and I saw him and I yelled out Matt Damon. I knew all his movies but I confused the two awesome actors."

Maybe it's understandable that the two women made the mistake. Both Damon and Wahlberg hail from Boston, well the Bourne Identity star was actually born in Cambridge, and they starred together in The Departed, whilst they are also attempting to get biopics revolving around famed Boston mobster, Whitey Bulger, into production too.

The pair will also compete with one another once again this weekend, when Damon's latest movie, Elysium, goes up against Wahlberg's, 2 Guns.

Have you ever mistaken an actor for another thespian in an embarrassing manner?