October 20, 2017
Atlanta Airport Customer Finds Maggots In His Sandwich, Probably Still Better Than Airplane Food

A food vendor at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport recently served a sandwich full of maggots to an unsuspecting customer.

The passenger purchased the maggot-filled sandwich on Wednesday morning and immediately noticed the maggots when they opened the sandwich's packaging.

After realizing what had happened, Joel Woloshuk took out his phone and recorded a short video of his maggot filled focaccia sandwich.

The maggots were found inside a sandwich purchased from the Café Intermezzo franchise location inside Terminal B at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Woloshuk says he saw "What I thought was parmesan and the parmesan began to move."

Woloshuk kept the sandwich as proof of purchase and then showed the meal to Channel 2 Action News on Wednesday night. The customer says he called and asked to meet with a manager, but nobody was available when he flew back into Atlanta.

The customer says he did get the chance to speak with the president of Café Intermezzo, who apologized and said he truly regretted the isolated incident.

In a rather poor excuse, the company's president said the problem "could not have been generated on our premises."

Café Intermezzo is blaming the problem on its bread supplier for whom it has cut ties. In a public statement, the maggot supplying food vendor writes:

"All products from the vendor were removed. Not a single crumb or slice of bread from the vendor remains in the facility."

While Café Intermezzo blames the bread supplier, that company says it pasted a full inspection by a Department of Agriculture inspector just last week.

The bread supplier says it is still supplying other airport vendors.

Woloshuk said a restaurant manager offered him a refund but all he wants is to make sure the same disgusting problem doesn't happen to someone else. According to Woloshuk: "My intent is my fellow traveler. I'm in this airport weekly and it makes me pretty angry."

The Department of Aviation also performs its own concessions inspections on a monthly basis.