July 27, 2013
Jake The Snake Movie: Former Wrestler Starring In Kickstarter Project

Forget Veronica Mars. Forget Zach Braff. This is the Kickstarter project that really needs more attention. Jake the Snake Roberts will be starring in the new movie Heavy Water. That is, if director Andrew Donoho can raise enough funds.

Donoho is currently trying to raise $25,000 for his project. So if you want to see Jake the Snake play an eclectic leader of a bunch of street urchins, visit the Kickstarter page and make a donation.

Donoho writes: "Jake's experience as a professional wrestler translated into strong performances and brought a powerful presence to his character. His ability to improvise, take direction, and become the character shines through in his depiction of Jed."

Heavy River tells the story of a character named River, played by Carter Jenkins, who has just been released from prison. River is a recovering addict and finds support via Jed (Jake the Snake) and his family of street urchins.

Donoho writes: "The film opens with River desperately trying to reintegrate into society and make enough money to keep his home, pay for his mentally distressed younger brother, and escape the control of his domineering uncle. When all options disappear and times grow harder, an old friend provides River with what seems to be the perfect solution."

Jake the Snake was one of the biggest names in wrestling during the 1990s but his own battles with drugs and addiction have derailed his career. Thankfully, the former wrestler is now sober.

Roberts recently took to Twitter to tell his fans that he's gone nearly a year without cocaine and more than a month without liquor.

Here's a video about Jake the Snake and his new movie Heavy Water.