July 3, 2013
Could This Be The Best Maid Of Honor Toast Ever?

Jennifer Gabrielli got creative with her surprise toast for her sister’s wedding on June 29, when she broke out into a rap inspired by Eminem's "Without Me."

Gabirelli begins her toast very traditionally, announcing a little about herself, the couple and what not.

What was her first warning to the little musical number? When she announced to the crowd that she enjoys singing.

Even though she says she isn’t going to sing, she preps the crowd and then breaks down into her toast in the form of a rap inspired by Eminem's "Without Me."

The song starts off sweet enough, announcing what everyone is gathered here for, the wedding of her sister and her new husband.

The song then moves to how the two found each other, which led to him proposing.

The course of the rap goes a little something like this:

This looks like it’s meant to be

So everybody, just toast with me

Raise your glasses and you’re thirsty

Cause tonight we’re here to party.

From there, Gabrielli goes on to sing about her relationship with her sister, describing how she had been reckless as a little kid, but only because she wanted to be like her “big sis.”

The family anecdotes condinuted on as Gabrielli described memories of how her older sister would “snitch” on her when she wouldn’t follow the rules or did something wrong.

She also mentions memories of Christmas’s spent in their pajamas together, and then moved back to the connection the newlyweds have and how they were meant to be.

Yes, Gabrielli even threw in a joke about how she wouldn’t be their third roommate now that they were going to be settling down at the “town house down by the sea.”

From there Gabrielli raps about how the couple, again, where meant to be, and how they’ll make the relationship work.

And what kind of sister would she be if she didn’t throw in some encouragement to send some nieces and nephews their way so Barb (mother of the bride) “doesn’t fall to pieces.”

Gabrielli’s little rap continues on with more words of encouragement for the couple, and of coruse words of love and support for the two.

While this is a fun video that’s making its way around the internet, it’s not the only one. Some of the most recent videos that caught everyone’s attention were the baby twins who laughed at rubber bands, and of course the baby who could swim all on her own.

The video that’s being claimed as one of the best brides maid toasts ever was filmed by Ek Media Productions. What do you all think of Gabielli’s performance?

[Image via Youtube/bennyekmedia]