July 3, 2013
'Saints Row IV' Independence Day Trailer Invites You To Fight Anal Probes [Video]

The new Independence Day Saints Row IV trailer invites you to fight anal probes!

Yup, that's the sense of humor involved with the game. Saints Row IV has caused waves in the gaming community ever since it took what was initially a provocative DLC episode and turned it into a full-blown sequel. Once called Saints Row the Third: Enter the Dominatrix, the game centers around an alien invasion that occurs shortly after the leader of the Third Street Saints is elected President of the United States. The aliens put the human race in a Matrix-style scenario, where the leader of the free world is the only one with super powers, and it's your job to fight them off in the virtual version of Steelport.

In honor of Independence Day, and due to the fact that you play the President of the United States in Saints Row IV, a new trailer has hit like a PSA of sorts, inviting you to fight anal probes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the game was banned in Australia, though it wasn't announced until later that the anal probes were the reason. Of course, the nude missions and dildo bat probably didn't help.

The Independence Day trailer for Saints Row IV begins with an African American in front of the White House in full political presentation form. He says, “My fellow Americans, fellow Saints, today … is a day … unlike any other day that has come before us. For on this day, we must administer the biggest smackdown in the history of mankind, and take our independence back from the anal probing overlords that oppress us. We will fight them in the sky. We will fight them in the streets. We will fight them … in text-based role-playing adventures. On this day, we free our homies. We free our inhibitions. We free America. And we free the whole f***in' planet!”

Throughout the trailer, we see the President firing a huge gun, as well as aircraft fights, an alien version of the Statue of Liberty, the President asking his assistant for … a favor, and the kind of random hilarity that this game is promising.

What do you think of the Independence Day trailer for Saints Row IV? Will you fight the anal probing overlords?