July 3, 2013
Kate Middleton Growing Nervous One Week Before Due Date

Kate Middleton has only about a week until her royal baby's due date, and the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly getting a little nervous about giving birth.

Sources close to the royal family said Middleton is starting to get a bit of butterflies over the birth of the first child for her and Prince William, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.

"Naturally she is a little nervous about the big day, what new mum wouldn't be?" a source told Us Weekly.

Kate Middleton is officially due July 11, meaning the baby could conceivably come at any moment. Though she's got a bit of the nervousness that strike all first-time parents, Kate is reportedly feeling great and ready for whenever the baby should come.

"She's full of energy and really rather used to the bump!" the source adds.

And also like most first-time parents, Kate and William are still scrambling to get everything ready in time for the baby's arrival. They're still finishing a renovation of their 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace, where they'll live with their infant starting a few weeks after the birth.

"She's still busy, making sure she's done as much as possible for the new house before the baby is born," the source told Us Weekly. "Once the baby is here, she won't have time for anything else!"

Kate Middleton also has some family business to tend to. She and William reportedly asked her little sister Pippa Middleton to cut back on her public appearances, for fear that she was opening the family up to criticism. After being stung last year when tabloids printed topless photos secretly taken during a vacation with husband William, Kate appears to be cracking down ahead of the birth of her baby.

It's very unlikely things get any simpler for Kate Milddleton once her baby is born, however. Estimates say the royal baby will create a $400 million impact to the British economy through birth parties and sale of memorabilia.

[Kate Middleton via Wikimedia Commons]