July 3, 2013
Aaron Hernandez Lead Dies In Sudden Crash Before Police Can Question Him

The Aaron Hernandez case just took another bizarre turn with yet another sudden death. Massachusetts investigators wanted to speak to 33-year-old Thaddeus Singleton III, a Bristol, Connecticut convicted drug felon and known associate of Hernandez.

According to The Courant, Singleton was suddenly killed early Sunday morning when the Nissan Maxima he was driving shot 100 feet through the air to hit a building at a height of some six feet off the ground. The car is registered to Andres Valderrama, the uncle of Aaron Hernandez.

A female passenger in the car was also hurt in the crash.

As Patriot fans already know, Aaron Hernandez is one of three suspects now being held in connection with the early morning execution-style shooting murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd in Massachusetts.

However, his alleged victim, his two possible co-defendants, and Aaron Hernandez himself all come from Bristol and Dorchester, Connecticut. Investigators from both states have joined forces to help search for evidence of Hernandez's involvement in the Lloyd murder and other violent gun crimes including a 2012 double murder.

The Aaron Hernandez links to deaths and "accidents" in Bristol just seems to keep on growing. In a previous report for The Inquisitr, Nathan Francis noted the amazing string of bad luck associated with the Bristol football league team that Odin Lloyd played for:

"The Bandits have been hit by an inordinate amount of tragedy for a tiny team, according to its website. Derrick Rucker died in an electrical fire in 2002 and left behind a young daughter. Four years later, a Bandits rookie named Jeff Ibenewenka was murdered in Hyde Park, also leaving a daughter. Lineman Jason Mitchell died in 2008, two years after retiring from the Bandits. BJ Smith died in his sleep in 2009 at age 34, leaving behind a wife and two children. Cedric Warren was killed in a car accident last year. He also had a daughter."

Some of these events may indeed have a natural or non-criminal explanation. Aaron Hernandez has not been proven guilty of anything yet.

As Robert Jonathan reported yesterday on his move into solitary, Aaron Hernandez has denied that he belongs to a gang.

Both Connecticut and Massachusetts sheriffs said that they moved Hernandez into solitary not because of any wrongdoing on his part but simply to protect him from other inmates who wanted to get famous by harming a former NFL player.

Still, the latest death of someone the police wanted to question about the Aaron Hernandez case is troubling.

[Aaron Hernandez photo by Jeffrey Beall/Flickr]