July 3, 2013
Nanny Cam Beating Suspect Intended To Kill Victim, Says Prosecutor

Last month's terrifying nanny cam beating video left residents of Millburn, New Jersey and the surrounding area in fear, but an arrest last week quelled some concern that a violent criminal was on the loose.

The nanny cam beating suspect, Shawn Custis, was apprehended in the Inwood section of Manhattan, and has since been arraigned on a number of charges in connection with the shockingly violent incident caught on tape.

In it, a man prosecutors allege to be Custis, visciously batters a woman while her three year old child cowers on the couch, crying and hiding her face behind a throw pillow.

After the nanny cam beating video clip concludes, the suspect in the clip throws the woman down the stairs, possibly knocking her unconscious and adding to her injuries. The child was unharmed.

As Custis pled not guilty in the nanny cam beating, Essex County chief assistant prosecutor Tom Fennelly said that while the victim survived, the state believes that the intent of the perp was murder:

We believe it was his intent to kill the woman ... We believe the charges are supported by the evidence.
Fennelly adds that the suspect did not walk into an unlocked home, and instead broke through a locked entry to attack the woman:

"It was a locked door, he forced his way in ... We believe he forced his body in after kicking the door.”

Despite allegations of murderous intent, Fennelly confirms that the woman seen in the nanny cam beating video is trying to move on after the trauma:

"The mother is out of the hospital, the family is intact, they're together and they're trying to move on."

Acting Essex County prosecutor Carolyn Murray said that the incident caught on tape will be instrumental in securing a conviction, not only for identification purposes.

Murray explains that the unusually clear and violent clip drives home the impact of the nanny cam beating footage:

“The video shows what violent crime looks like ... When people in the community see what it really looks like, I think that's why we had the outpouring of assistance.”

Arraigned in Newark, nanny cam beating suspect Shawn Custis was charged with attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment.