July 3, 2013
Kenny Chesney Poses For 'Boston Common' Magazine

Country recording megastar Kenny Chesney graces the cover of Boston Common magazine's summer issue.

The publication, which is already available on newsstand shelves, has Chesney opening up about his first reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing, his attempts to raise money for victims, and his love for the New England Patriots.

Speaking about the Boston Marathon bombings, Kenny Chesney reveals:

“Watching the footage, I was stunned at first. And then, like for a lot of people, for me it turned to anger. Why do we live in a world where you can’t go to the movie theater in Colorado, where you can’t take your kids to school in Connecticut, where you can’t go watch a major sporting event in America? We should be able to cheer for our friends running in the Boston Marathon and be happy that they accomplished something so wonderful. Why can’t we do that?”
Following the tragic event, Chesney worked swiftly to raise money in support of the bombings victims. Chesney says of his charity work:
“Bostonians have shown me so much love over the years, how could I not do something? God has given me this life where I can use music to help people. Regardless of your religious beliefs, political views, or your background, the one thing that’s most universal in our lives is the power and love of music. And music can help people heal. When I saw this happen, I thought of a song on the new record called “Spread the Love,” which seemed like the right message to send to people in Boston, especially those whose lives were changed in an instant, through no fault of their own. I’m excited that Boston radio stations and the Boston Medical Center have partnered with us. We’re also selling T-shirts to raise money for the fund. It’s one of the things that I’m most proud of in my whole music career.”
The interview then shifts to Chesney's love of the New England Patriots and the chance he had to practice with the popular NFL franchise:
“It was so surreal—the next thing you know I am in the huddle with Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Deion Branch. And I’m going out there, thinking, this is unbelievable…I caught a few passes and I dropped quite a few. We had fun with it. I’ve become friends with them, and bonded with Bill Belichick because he loves music. There is this bond with all the athletes; a lot of the Red Sox guys, too. They love music and I love sports! There’s this little envy, on both sides. I would give anything to know what it’s like to play second base for the Boston Red Sox. I would love to be Dustin Pedroia. I’d also love to catch a pass. But I can’t do those things.”
It has been a busy week for Kenny Chesney after fans at one of his concert left a giant mess of beer bottles, garbage, and furniture scattered all over the parking at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Following the Kenny Chesney concert, angry Pittsburgh fans took to the country music artists' Facebook fanpage to voice their disgust with the country singer's fans actions.

Here's Kenny Chesney posting for the cover of Boston Common magazine:

Kenny Chesney Boston Common

You can purchase a digital copy of the full Kenny Chesney interview by visiting the Boston Common website HERE.