June 27, 2013
Dog Pushes Sister To Playground In Shopping Cart [Video]

A ridiculously adorable video has emerged online of a Lemon Beagle, by the name of Maymo, pushing his little sister along in a shopping cart, which is so beautiful you might be tempted to scratch your eyes out because nothing you ever view again will move you in the same way.

The video was created by Youtube user crackrockcandy and is entitled, "Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart: Cute Dog Maymo and Puppy Penny."

The user states, "Maymo the lemon beagle dog takes his cute puppy sister Penny on an epic trip in a shopping cart, The cute dog travel across various landscapes and terrains until they end up at their favorite summer vacation spot," SPOILER ALERT, "the playground."

Their introduction then concludes, "After the long journey, the funny beagles take to playing on slides, swings, and a merry-go-round before sunset leads them back home." A grandiose tale if you've ever heard one.

The story begins with Maymo pushing Penny through their living room before he picks up so much speed he suddenly finds himself outside on the street, then in an urban street, before he is on a train track, boat, and then the park. They then have the time of their lives on the swings, slides and see-saws, before it gets too dark for them and they head home. All of which is set to a rousing soundtrack.

Various Youtube users praised the video, with, imringoloveme, stating, "This was cute, but when they were suddenly on a boat I couldn't help myself from cracking up." Whilst others simply added, "can't handle all. this. cuteness," and "YAY PUPPIES" to show their gratitude.

This video comes days after footage of a disabled horse using a tiny wheelchair was uploaded to the internet.

Which video is cuter? Roozer Brewz's or Maymo's?