June 27, 2013
Fox Host Blasts Right's DOMA Ire, Calls It A 'Huge Conservative Victory' [Video]


Political commentator Greg Gutfeld might raise some eyebrows with his unusual conservative defense of the Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, praising it as a conservative victory.

On Wednesday's episode of The Five, Gutfeld admitted that he doesn't have any legal expertise on the issue, but added that he doesn't understand the right's ire over the DOMA decision.

“I feel that this is a huge conservative victory, because you can no longer deprive someone of an extremely traditional value that makes you life better by curtailing promiscuity and destructive lifestyles.”

“Talking about myself,” he said, “marriage to my wife made me a better man. I want to impose that value on others, because that’s what rightwingers do.”

He also opined that LGBT advocates should try to be more sensitive to the needs of religious conservatives as they "work through" their issues on the ruling.

He also suggested that gay rights activists turn their fury toward radical Islam instead of conservative Christian groups.

“It’s fun to mock and make fun of Fred Phelps, who are harmless, pathetic villains, but go to a mosque, talk to radical Islam,” he said. “Think about your compatriots in Iran who are dying because of their sexual orientation. There are people that are boycotting the Boy Scout events, but perform — bands still perform in Dubai. Uh, there’s a lot of hypocrisy going on, on that side, that needs to be solved.”

You can check out Greg Gutfeld's comments on the DOMA decision below, but let us know what you think: Should the SCOTUS ruling be considered a conservative victory?

[Image via: David R. Tribble]