June 27, 2013
Zimmerman Lawyer Says 'Crazy A** Cracker' 7 Times, Seems To Be Trying To Make A Point


Folks following the George Zimmerman trial are probably beginning to notice some common themes. One of the big ones is race, with the defense turning the tables on victim Trayvon Martin where that's concerned. To wit, defense attorney Don West used the term "creepy ass cracker" seven times within about three minutes. We'll tell you why.

Race, perhaps more accurately "racism," has been an element in the case since Zimmerman's initial arrest. Some argue that it is being forced in to the trial without basis by those who want to see a "guilty" verdict, which is probably what Zimmerman attorney West is trying to do.

On Thursday, the second day of witness Rachel Jeantel's testimony, West continued to press her about a phone conversation she had with Martin moments before he was shot and killed by Zimmerman.

“So when you say it’s a racial event, what did he tell you that makes you think it’s a racial event?” West asked.

Jeantal simply responded that Martin found it "strange" that he was being "stalked" by Zimmerman.

“That’s because he described him as a ‘creepy ass cracker’?” West wondered aloud. “So, it was racial, but it was because Trayvon Martin put race in this.”

"Creepy ass cracker" was used by West six more times, while Jeantel said the comment wasn't racial.

“Can we move on to another topic?” Judge Debra Nelson finally intervened.

The implication West is making is that Trayvon Martin is guilty of turning his death into a racial incident. Check out our list of everyone who is not on trial in the Trayvon Martin case here, and check out the video below via Raw Story: