June 27, 2013
Alleged Mugger Leaves Birth Certificate Behind

A man who allegedly mugged a woman in Boston late Monday night left behind his birth certificate and a letter from his mother.

Zachery Tentoni mugged the woman as she walked through a middle school playground in the Dorchester section of the city. He took her wallet away from her, which contained $40.

The 26-year-old dropped the two bags he was carrying which contained sneakers, clothes, hygiene products, a letter from his mom, and birth certificate.

"The suspect grabbed her clutch wallet, which contained her state identification card, Charlie Card, and $40 in cash, and then fled on foot toward Dorchester Avenue. The victim stated that she noticed the suspect following her into the schoolyard, though he did not speak to her. She described him as a white male, approximately 6 feet, with a medium build, blondish brown hair, and wearing a white t-shirt and dark colored shorts," police said.

Police located Tentoni one block away from the incident just a few hours later. When they questioned him, he gave them a fake name and age. However, the woman he robbed told the police it was definitely him.

Tentoni was arrested and charged with unarmed robbery.

Tentoni is not the only person to make a stupid mistake while attempting to rob someone. In January, a serial burglar was caught breaking into an apartment in England while he was wearing an electronic anti-crime tag that recorded his movements.

Richard Almaraoui's raid cost him big time. Judge Stephen Holt sentenced him to five years in jail for violating his suspended jail sentence.

"You continually break in to people's homes, causing a large amount of distress and fear," Holt said.

Although Holt sympathized with Almaraoui's difficult background and drug problems, he said, "The only person that can stop you taking drugs is you."

[Image via Shuttershock]