June 27, 2013
Hilary Duff Mourns Loss Of Chihuahua

Hilary Duff lost her beloved chihuahua Tuesday night.

The 25-year-old took to Twitter after her precious pooch died. "RIP my beautiful Lola girl. My heart is broken," she wrote. "Say a prayer for my little angel."

The last few years haven't been easy for her chihuahua. In 2011, the dog went through brain surgery to get relief from the seizures she was suffering from. "Lola was having terrible seizures," Duff explained. "She had a shunt put in her skull to drain fluid off her brain and now is doing great."

Prior to that, Lola was rushed to the emergency with an eye infection.

Duff's Twitter followers offered some kind and supportive words after she announced her chihuahua's death. "Thank you for all your well wishes for my beautiful Lola," she wrote. "It really means so much when you are hurting to know so many people care."

The former Lizzie McGuire star is not the only celebrity who has lost a pooch lately. Last December, Miley Cyrus lost her dog Lila and was really broken up over it.

When Cyrus tweeted about her dog's death, she did not explain what caused her to die. However, her mother, Tish, let her fans know what went on, stating that Lila died after being attacked by one of Cyrus' other dogs.

"The way that Lila was taken from Miley was beyond terrible. Sometimes things happen that we just can't understand. Miley still isn't ready to talk about it, but I thought you guys should know what happened. For some unknown reason, Ziggy... grabbed Lila," Tish wrote in her blog.

"Not really sure if she was playing or what? She grabbed her in just the wrong spot and Lila didn't survive," she added.