June 16, 2013
Donald Trump, Miss USA Contestants, Sing 'Call Me Maybe' [Video]

Donald Trump recently took a break from trying to prove President' Obama is lying about his birth certificate to join the Miss USA contestants for a nice sing-along.

Carly Rae Jepsen's hit "Call Me Maybe" has already been unofficially dubbed the "song of the Summer." Justin Bieber and his celebrity friends made a cover video for the song. The Harvard baseball team, SMU rowing team, and several other Youtubers have lip-synced along with the hit song.

Now the Miss USA contestants, as well as their toupee-wearing leader Donald Trump, have created their own video.

And yes, a bunch of pretty girls wearing bikinis and dancing around is great entertainment. But Donald Trump's cameo in the video truly makes this a piece of art.

Trump only appears for a few brief seconds (at about the 40 second mark) and lip syncs "hey I just met you" before the video cuts to a few... more attractive singers in the pool.

The video was made to promote the Miss USA contest which airs tonight on NBC. The Miss USA 2012 contest will air at 9 pm EST. If you can't watch the show, you can watch the after party live here.

But for the moment, let's watch Donald Trump sing "Call Me Maybe" with the Miss USA contestants.

Here's the live stream from the 2012 Miss USA pageant.

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