Lori Harvey In Bikini Gives Cowgirl Beach Vibes

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Lori Harvey shared more Bahamas vacation pictures for her 4 million-plus Instagram followers, and they’re going yeehaw! The 25-year-old model served Southern belle vibes as a subtle nod to her Equestrian days. While we would never know what might’ve been, we can live with the sexy cowgirl substitute.

Almost Paradise

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Although it’s not summertime, Lori enjoys the beach in The Bahamas, and she’s making the most of the scenery. She snapped her latest picture on a white sandy beach leaving literal footprints in her wake, and they formed a lovely aesthetic.

The blue sea, and skies, in the background, seemed like a scene out of a fantasy Paradise movie. Lori zoomed in on her face in a selfie video showing off her hoop earrings and body chain, similar to what she wore in her previous post.

See the previous post below.

Pink Cowgirl

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The young model wore a multicolored pink two-piece bathing suit that emphasized her curves and glowing skin. She also wore a fuchsia pink oversized dress shirt which she left unbuttoned teasing fans with her inner bikini. There’s something about coveralls on bikinis that make them look ten times more alluring, and Lori Harvey nailed that theme.

Lori’s picture makes it seem like the sun shines brighter in The Bahamas because she radiated. As though aware of her burning sexiness, the model wore a cowboy hat to protect her face from the sunlight, or maybe it was the other way around (she was protecting the sunlight from her face!)

A Classy Clapback

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While the outfit was a hit, and fans were eating it up in the comments, a few trolls tried to psych Lori out, but you trust Steve Harvey’s daughter to have a classy comeback. The user inferred that Lori Harvey got some work done on her nose, to which Lori replied, “Lol never had a nose job, but thanks, girl.”

It seems Lori can’t catch a break because her sexiness always causes some commotion. The other day, trolls insinuated she got a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) which she also debunked in a TikTok video. We get it – Lori is so hot there must be an explanation on how she achieved that. God forbid it’s natural considering the world today. Sorry to burst your bubble, though, some women are naturally gifted (and they exercise), and Lori is one of them.

Family Time

Lori continues to enjoy her vacation with her family, as they celebrated Steve Harvey’s 65th birthday last week. Marjorie Harvey’s Instagram pictures prove fashion, style, and enjoyment is a Harvey family thing. With his age-defying style, the patriarch has been making waves for some weeks now, and we’re sure Lori is proud of her daddy.