Lindsey Vonn In Sports Bra Flaunts Insane Abs

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Chisom Ndianefo

Because of her physique, Lindsey Vonn is one of those grown women who make you admire aging. At 37, she’s fitter than most and doesn’t shy away from flaunting the result of her hard work. After all, it’s not easy juggling fitness training with running a new business and writing a book.

The ex-skier teamed up with her gym instructor Gunnar to prepare for a special Veteran’s Day photoshoot last year, and her form was amazing.

All Or Nothing

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Lindsey challenged herself to complete full reps of Single Arm Dumbell Snatches, and the result was glaring. Naturally, it takes weeks to see the effects of a workout session but considering this wasn’t the retired skier’s first time; her body showed out!

Her toned abs contracted and expanded as she moved up and down, and her arm muscles flexed too.

While Lindsey made it look easy, the set was far from, as you could tell from her periodic grunts. She alternated between her right and left arms to get an even tone (as she should), impressing her trainer in the process.

Dressed For The Occasion

When you go to war, you need the right weapons; if it’s the farm, you need the right tools. Whatever you do, you must prepare, and that’s what Lindsey Vonn did.

She dressed appropriately in all-black sportswear – sports bra and leggings – and white sneakers, ready to take on the Barbell. The outfit worked double-fold, enabling her fluid movements and ensuring Vonn looked good working out.

Honoring The Veterans

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The Olympic skier showed fans more footage of herself trying other exercises like Pull-ups, arm curls, and machine-assisted shoulder press. These clips formed a montage of changing sportswear designed to honor War Veterans who risked their lives on the frontlines to keep Americans safe.

Vonn partnered with Project Rock, Under Armour and Dicks Sporting Goods, to support the Travis Manion Foundation for Veterans. They tagged the collection For The Heroes, emphasizing their purpose for creating the line initially.

Vonn’s Speech

Lindsey penned a thoughtful message in the accompanying caption, saying, “Honoring the incredibly strong and brave Veterans who have selflessly served our country with our @ProjectRock x @UnderArmour Veterans Day Collection.”

“This year,” she continued, “the #ForTheHeroes collection supports the @TravisManionFoundation – an incredible organization that develops programs and opportunities designed to empower veterans and families of the fallen and inspire them to pass on their learnings and values to the next generation.”

Then, she urged her fans and followers to patronize the brand as a show of support.