Megan Thee Stallion Promotes ‘Lick’ In Bikini

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images


Megan Thee Stallion released new music with Jamaican rapper Shenseea this Friday, and the visual is colorful. Think WAP ft. Cardi B part II, and you have Lick down to a tee. Before dropping the video on Shenseea’s YouTube Channel, the Houston hottie took to her Instagram to promote the song.

Artists typically drop teasers and looks to build anticipation for their debut day, and Megan’s two-toned bikini sent the message.

Pop Of Color

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The 5’ 10” Texas native wore a two-toned orange and pink bikini-like one-piece. The swimsuit not only mixes color but styles as well. The orange side has two wide straps, one on the sleeve across her chest while the other joins the orange panty to the pink bra’s underwire. On the pink side, the bands are thin, and the bra strap is straight.

She accessorizes with an orange block heel, bold orange forefinger ring, black sunshades, and a belly ring. She styles her black weave in a bang, with body waves reaching below her bum.

Cover Art Teaser

We could tell that “Lick” was definitely not a kid’s song from the cover art. Neither is it for modest adults to be fair, Meg and Shenyeng’s suggestive poses told us everything we needed to know about the song. The “real hot girl” and her co-lead wore bright-colored swimsuits, bent on all fours, and stuck out their tongues.

Lick Video

NOT FOR KIDS! R18! Putting that out there for the little ones before saying the “LICK” video is raunchy. Although it’s colorful, the theme is wrought with sexual innuendos, just like the title, which refers to cunning Lingus.

According to a Shenseea tweet, the rapper “always wanted to write a suck p*ssy song…” because “some of y’all need guidance on how to eat.” And boy, did they school fans with the explicit lyrics. More than the lyrics, Meg and Shenseea’s dancing in the video mimicked sexual positions just like WAP. It's had to ignore the Parallels in the two videos.

Criticism From Fans

While some fans are grateful for new music from the Hot Girl Coach, many music enthusiasts complained about the song and the visuals. Shenseea and Megan blew up because of their lyrically genius freestyling on radio shows, so seeing them water down their talent for TikTok style music upsets many of their supporters.

Some people also complain that Megan’s style is monotonous, and they need something fresh from the rapper. The Grammy-award winner is, however unphased in the face of criticism.