Chris Cuomo Testimony Video Released

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Democrat Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign as Governor of New York after multiple women accused him of inappropriate touching and sexual harassment.

The former governor's younger brother, Chris Cuomo, lost his job at CNN for trying to help his brother handle the scandal.

The younger Cuomo is also accused of sexual harassment, but -- much like his older brother -- maintains his innocence.

Chris Cuomo spoke to state investigators as they looked into his brother's allegedly inappropriate behavior. A video of his testimony has just been released.

Chris Cuomo Testimony

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As reported by The New York Post, Chris Cuomo testified that he told his brother not to "go after" his accusers, discussed cancel culture, and spoke about actor Alec Baldwin's attempts to help.

Cuomo stressed that he told his brother he cannot simply "ignore" the accusations until they go away, especially not in today's media climate.

"I advised him that you cannot ignore these, that it’s not going to go away; not in our society, not in our media culture, and not in your party," the former CNN host testified.

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Because sexual harassment allegations are impossible to ignore, one should never "go after" their accusers, Chris Cuomo argued in the testimony.

Independent investigations, he said, are the best way to prove one's innocence.

"And that’s why you can’t go after your accusers. It’s not right. It’s not allowed. The only path is process. That’s the only path. Have things investigated. Have somebody independent who looks at this, and let people judge what they find," he stated.

Cuomo's five-hour testimony is available on Forbes' official YouTube channel and can be viewed below.

Alec Baldwin's Role

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Cuomo also testified that he warned Alec Baldwin against getting involved in the scandal.

"I know Alec Baldwin, so does Andrew … I have a very good friend who is named here who said, ‘Alec wants to talk about cancel culture.’ I asked him to stay out of it," the former CNN host said.

"I didn’t think Alec Baldwin weighing in was helpful or respectful to the situation. And I was trying to help my brother, and it just didn’t seem that helpful to me," he added.

Andrew Cuomo Comeback

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Despite several prosecutors describing the allegations against Andrew Cuomo as serious and credible, all charges against him have been dropped.

Many now believe that it is only a matter of time before the Democrat stages a political comeback, according to a report from The New York Times.

Despite the scandals, Cuomo -- who had a $18 million war chest when he left office -- was always popular with New Yorkers, especially with Democrats, so it is no surprise that he is thinking about reentering public life.