Lindsey Vonn In Bathing Suit Shows ‘Attitude’

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Former Olympic skier turned businesswoman Lindsey Vonn took time off building her empire to school fans on an attitude lesson. Since her retirement from competitive sports, the 37-year-old ventured into self-discovery and tried her hands at a few things.

She added new feathers to her cap, including author, CEO, and fashion designer. It’s safe to say she’s proved herself as more than just Tiger Woods ex, as if there was any doubt! So, what’s Lindsey up to these days?

Catching Summer Waves

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With 82 wins under her belt, Lindsey Vonn clearly retired on top of her game, and she keeps challenging herself. She may not ski professionally anymore, but she’s found a new hobby – surfing. Last Summer, she shared a video of herself riding a small wave, and she did it without rope support. Yay Lindsey.

As she rides the wave, Lindsey shows off impressive glutes in a red bathing suit and protective black outerwear. Her body movement is as fluid as the surrounding ocean, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. We bet you’ll watch the clip below multiple times.

Third Times The Charm

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As the saying goes, “third times the charm,” and Lindsey’s third attempt goes by smoother than the first two times. If she didn’t mention, you’d think she’s been surfing for a more extended period, even though she’s no pro. It’s great to see her enjoying herself and trying new things.

A Lesson On Attitude

The four-time world cup skiing winner shows that she paid attention in history class as she quotes Churchill. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference,” it says. Lindsey posted up in a black bikini, and even though she covered her lower body with her black jacket, you can see her toned tummy peeking from the shadows.

The ocean in the background serves as the perfect backdrop to highlight her wet blonde hair in a face cap. The second frame shows a candid shot of her superb surfing, and you can tell the years of skiing on the alpine slopes paid off.

Be Your Authentic Self

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At the tail of last Spring, Lindsey shared some posts of herself enjoying the cool breeze in Miami. She pens a heartfelt message on authenticity and self-love in the caption. “Smiling because I’m finally my authentic self 100% of the time. And happy to be surrounded by people who love me for who I am,” she said.

She continued saying, “Getting to this point has taken a long time, but I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere!” while posing in a snakeskin bikini and nude kimono coverup. The camera catches her dancing, with her hair in the wind, looking like she genuinely has no care in the world. She reveals all in a memoir released at the start of the year.