'This Is Us' Star Jon Huertas On Directing For The Finale Season

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Lindsay Cronin

Jon Huertas directed the This is Us episode fans will be seeing later tonight on NBC.

Weeks into the sixth and final season of the beloved scripted drama, which premiered on January 4, Huertas participated in an interview with Hello! magazine, during which he confirmed and spoke about the honor of directing one of the last episodes of the show.

"My number one motivation right now is - after 27 years in front of the camera as an actor - a responsibility to step behind the camera as I have only ever been directed by one male Latino director," he shared.

Jon Huerta Has Experienced A Lack In Diversity

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According to Huertas, he can only relate to that one person, who he did not name, saying that they are the "one person I can look at, [in the television industry], and say, 'He may have had a similar life experience to me, and may understand where I am coming from with choices for my character.'"

"If diversity has anything to do with the choice. I have only had that one experience," he continued.

Huertas went on to say that there is a hole "for better representation."

Jon Huertas Inspired Diversity When He Was Cast As 'Mike'

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When the outlet then noted that Huerta's character Miguel Rivas's heritage had become a prevalent topic in recent seasons and asked him if that would continue throughout season six, Huertas confirmed it would.

"Yes, we definitely will see more of his heritage this season, diving into his background. But it has also been something I have been a part of, from the very beginning. When I was first cast the character was Mike, not Miguel, and my casting inspired them to change it."

Jon Huertas Own Experiences Were Threaded Through 'This Is Us'

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"And once we got rolling into the seasons I would have meetings and talk about the character and where he comes from and who he is and infuse some of my own personal facets into the character, and bring up stories from my past," Huertas continued. "One of my stories ended up being used in a Randall storyline - because when you are a person of color in this country, there are shared experiences - but the show runners are collaborative and keen to get it right when we talk about Miguel's background."

Will Jon Huertas Direct Any More Episodes Of 'This is Us'?

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Also during the interview with Hello! magazine, Huertas was asked if fans can expect to see more of him directing on This is Us as the sixth and final season continues.

"We're hoping to do more, and we're talking about it, but there are a lot of people who love directing our show and as it's the final season everyone is knocking on Dan Fogelman's door to say, 'Please let me have an episode,' so it's possible but it may not work," he admitted.