Heidi Klum Reveals Her Legs Were Insured For $2 Million

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show has a reputation for revealing outlandish celebrity secrets and “Did you know?” information. This week we learned something new from 48-year-old supermodel Heidi Klum – her legs were insured for $2 million, and one was more expensive than the other! Here’s the backstory to this fascinating info.

Heidi ‘Blanking’ Klum

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Ellen’s daytime show is typically broken into segments, and she named this revelation time - Heidi ‘Blanking’ Klum. During this slot, the model gave an insight into the $2 million insurance policy on her legs.

“When I was young,” she started, “I fell into a glass, and I have, like, a big scar. Obviously, I put so much spray tan on right now you can’t see it right now, but yeah.”

As if that wasn’t news enough, she dropped another bombshell, “one was more expensive than the other one!” It’s weird the things that some people do,” she concluded. We totally agree.

Which Leg Is More Expensive?

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For some people, this isn’t the first time they hear about Heidi’s multi-million-dollar legs. In 2017, the supermodel told PEOPLE magazine about the insurance policy then revealed each leg’s worth. Without stating which exactly, Klum said, whereas one leg was worth $1 million, the other had an additional $200,000 value tag. The mother of four also spoke about her love for leggy outfits, and we can tell from the numerous jaw-dropping statement dresses she’s worn over the years.

Joining The Risqué Dress Trend

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What better way to flaunt your million-dollar legs than in a risqué high-slit dress, and Heidi Klum understood the assignment. She revealed her new favorite dress to her 9 million Instagram followers on Jan. 11. The Dunda dress has a zig-zag rope holding the fully covered front and scantily covered back together.

The rope flows from her full back down to her left thigh, displaying a full view of the priceless lower limb. It’s playful, flirty, and bright, just like Heidi. Scroll for a picture of the sexy backless dress.

More Legs

As Heidi said, her favorite things to wear must expose her stately legs, and she works out to ensure they stay in shape despite her age. Her Instagram feed contains many pictures flaunting the super-toned lower limbs, including this one where she’s weightlifting with one hand!

The black and white picture features Heidi in a sexy one-piece bathing suit that leaves little to the imagination. Her legs are clad in black sandals as she stands firmly on both feet. The camera captures the supermodel in her element, beaming with excitement.