Which 'Red Notice' Character Are You?

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Cha Miñoza

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds make up the perfect trio to pull off a heist so effortlessly.

In Netflix's Red Notice, the viewers got to see how these three trick and double-cross each other to get what they want and get the prized treasure.

They move so smoothly that they're making us wish we could be part of a cool heist too!

Which Red Notice character are you? Scroll below to find out!

John Hartley


You are strong, courageous and bold. Like John Hartley, you are a natural leader and can easily command a room with your striking presence.

You have a Type A personality and often find yourself wanting to win all the time. Because of your inherent drive to succeed, you sometimes overwork yourself and forget to create healthy boundaries.

While you may be a toughie on the outside, you have a weak spot for romance. You can be sweet and sensitive when necessary but only to people who deserve it.

Sarah Black


You are mysterious and effortlessly sexy. Like Sarah Black, your sex appeal is one of your greatest weapons.

But, it's not your only weapon. You are also smart, calculated, and meticulous. When you take on a project, you make sure that you give it your all. Your perfectionism, however, can sometimes trigger self-doubt and hinder you from living your best life, even if you know you have all the right skills to succeed and win.

Your allure combined with your tactical thinking makes you a savage adversary.

Nolan Booth


Humor is your greatest charm. Like Nolan Booth, you use humor quite a lot to snake your way to getting what you want.

While some people may brush you off easily because of your playfulness, you have a lot more to offer once people get to know you. You can switch from a court jester to a brave knight pretty quickly to adjust to your surroundings.

Because you are often underestimated, you can sneakily get to the finish line without a lot of eyes on you, which makes you a dangerous competitor.

Red Notice 3 & 4 Coming


If you enjoyed the first film, you'll be glad to know that two more installments are currently in the works.

New reports have confirmed that the chaotic trio will return to reprise their roles, along with writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber, who is penning the fate of the characters at this time.

There is no word yet on the plot for the upcoming sequels but it will likely continue with the cliffhanger ending and a new heist at the Louvre.