Lori Harvey In Swimsuit Celebrates Birthday

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Michael Kors ambassador Lori Harvey celebrated her birthday earlier this week and took a trip with her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. During this beach celebration, she channeled her inner quarterback and hit a touchdown playing a couples’ one-on-one game.

As usual, Lori looked terrific in her purple two-piece bikini, with her black hair falling in wet curls to her shoulders. She also showed a good angle of her sexy-toned body. Let’s take a look at how Lori Harvey stays gorgeous.

She Uses SKN By LH

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In Oct. 2021, Lori launched her skincare line SKN By LH after people constantly complimented her skin glow. The product’s effect isn’t lost on us because the chocolate-skinned beauty glows brighter with each passing day.

She shared her beauty secrets with Vogue magazine in the same year.

She Makes Videos To Boost Her Confidence

What’s the fun of being gorgeous if you can’t feel yourself now and then? Lori enjoys every moment of being Hollywood’s new It girl as she makes Instagram reels of her glam sessions. She brings fans into her zone and offers a sneak peek into her preparation for the red carpet and runway events.

When she judged the Miss Universe event in December, Lori said, “I had the most amazing time being one of the judges for Miss Universe 2021! Congratulations to all the amazing ladies that competed last night, and congratulations to the new Miss Universe.”

Jet Sets On Luxurious Vacays

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Lori Harvey is the poster girl for enjoyment and living your best life. She and her friends take trips across the globe to unwind from their busy lives as entertainers. When they’re not traveling out of the country, they’re planning surprise birthday parties for each other, and Lori was the recipient a few days ago.

“I’m so grateful for my family and friends. It’s extremely hard to surprise me because I’m nosey, lol, but they managed to throw me the cutest surprise early birthday party! It was so perfect, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you that showed up and made it happen and made me feel so special,” she captioned.

Spends Quality Time With The Boo

For the past year and a half, a prominent fixture in her life has been her boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan. Although many speculated their relationship was a PR stunt, the couple kept waxing stronger from the beginning. She uses words like “Extremely thankful,” “Thank you, God,” and “All Smiles” when captioning their picture together.

On his birthday last February, she wrote, “Happy Birthday Nugget, I love you, babe… hope today has been at least half as special as you are.”