Mikaela Shiffrin In Bathing Suit Catches 'Massive Waves'

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Chisom Ndianefo

Mikaela Shiffrin shows us she's a multi-talented individual as she catches a massive surf wave months before breaking the Slalom cup world record. "Caught some massive waves today…," she wrote in her caption.

Recently, the award-winning athlete showed off her vocals miming to Ed Sheeran*s Galway Girl on her Instagram. Here are a few tips on how Mikaela Shiffrin stays grounded while staying on top of her game.


As she enjoys beach life, Mikaela takes time from surfing to doing handstands with her brother, Taylor. The siblings' joke around as Taylor playfully sabotages her perfect stance, causing her to fall with the waves. "Probably should have seen that coming insert welp emoji," she captioned. Mikaela has a great relationship with her family, acknowledging them in her Wednesday celebratory post.

Mikaela shares a brave attempt at parasailing and falling face flat in the ocean in another post. It's great she knows how to laugh and not take everything too seriously, even though she's a competitive sports athlete.

Listen To Music

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Mikaela and her Bose earbuds are a dynamic duo you didn't realize existed. The two-time Olympic Gold medalist goes almost everywhere with them, so she shared her excitement on Instagram when Bose produced colored designs.

Her Instagram reels also feature a diverse range of music, so you can tell she has eclectic taste. She features almost any genre you can imagine, from Country to Pop, to Old School Hip-Hop. That explains why she's so versatile and adaptable on the course.


Food is good for the soul, and Mikaela doesn't joke with her pasta – it's even in her Insta bio! In one post, she writes, "As you know, I love pasta. And I love carbonara, of course. But what I love most is to cook it for someone else." Not only does she enjoy eating, but she also spreads the cheer with food to family and friends. Her bio insists, she doesn't love pasta alone but "food in general."


During her brother's wedding, Mikaela joined a flash mob dancing to Bruno Mars's Uptown Funk. She proved her skills exceed scaling skiing obstacles, and she can bust moves on the dance floor. Mikaela also wore practical Adidas shoes, so don't forget to add that to your new list. In August, she started the #MikaelaDanceChallenge to K-pop sensation BTS' Permission TO Dance. So, if you have any doubts, you can rest assured now that this info is legit – dancing occasionally breeds champions.

You'll see Mikaela Shiffrin in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, China along with Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim. For more on Mikaela, follow her on Instagram where she regularly updates her 1 million followers.