How Much A VIP Experience With Dua Lipa Can Set You Back

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Fans who've been dreaming of meeting Dua Lipa in person will be thrilled to know they can enjoy a coveted VIP experience with the pop star at one of the numerous concerts she has lined up from February through to September. The event dates for her upcoming Future Nostalgia Tour promoting her latest album have been set, with many of the tickets including VIP packages.

However, the British Sun notes that a one-on-one with the Grammy winner doesn't come cheap. In fact, Dua Lipa Meet & Greets are among the most expensive out there.

Details below.

Over $2,500 A Pop

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You should expect to spend a pretty penny if you're looking to meet the Levitating hitmaker in person at one of her concerts. Her VIP tickets go for a little over $2,500 and are reportedly among the priciest you'll come across.

By comparison, a VIP experience with Justin Bieber will only set you back half that amount, while other stars, such as Alicia Keys and Arnold Schwarzenegger, are selling Meet & Greet tickets for far less. The Terminator star is charging about $1,000 for a VIP introduction, whereas the "Fallin’" singer has priced hers at just over $850, The Sun is reporting.

Here's what you'd be paying for.

What She's Offering

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In the case of the Future Nostalgia star, VIP packages come rife with exciting activities, with The Sun noting they're of "better value than others." The pop sensation packs a lot into her one-on-ones with her fans, offering paid invites to pre-show “house parties,” among other things.

While these parties are held at the concert venue, paying customers can also join her for food and drinks in a special VIP area or for preshow sound checks.

Other tempting offers include a dance lesson from a professional choreographer or access to a glam squad.

Each Package Is Different

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Of course, many of her VIP packages will grant you the possibility to take a pic with the pop star and be the talk of the town with all your friends. That's because the offer appears to be limited to group photos alone, with The Sun noting that, like Lipa, Bieber doesn't do one-to-one pictures either.

Lastly, those paying for a Meet & Greet with the model-turned-singer can also opt for a dance-off package in which they'll be putting their skills to the test against the Future Nostalgia artist. However, there's a caveat, as you'll need to enter a competition and win beforehand.

Driving Up Her Net Worth

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According to, Lipa fans can choose from a variety of VIP experiences, including VIP tickets, VIP packages, hospitality packages, fan packages, front row seats, backstage passes, and meet and greet tickets, depending on the event. Each package is different, with prices ranging between $1000 and $5000.

Given Lipa's insane popularity, these packages -- which are limited, hence the high cost -- are expected to sell fast and will surely contribute quite a bit to her growing net worth.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, Lipa had an estimated net worth of nearly $50 million as of May, with the singer reportedly making $2.5 million each month in 2021.