Alexandra Daddario Enjoys 'Winter Weather' In Sheer Sports Bra

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Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario is celebrating L.A's "winter weather" and earning herself a little top-up cash by posing in a stunning activewear look. The 35-year-old HBO actress continues to make headlines for The White Lotus series she stars on, but there's more than just screen-time as the blue-eyed beauty ups her endorsement game.

Daddario is fresh from an Instagram update shouting out rising label Alo Yoga - the brand now fronted by supermodel Kendall Jenner is likely laughing all the way to the bank as Daddario joins in.

Stuns In Alo Yoga Look

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Scroll for the photos. Four in total were shared as Daddario posted yesterday. All showed her on an outdoor and paved stone terrace as she modeled an ab-flaunting black sports bra with a sheer-meshed under panel - Daddario also sported shiny and loose matching pants, plus a white and robe-like coat worn open.

Making sure fans saw her super-toned abs, the Baywatch bombshell went for a barefoot finish, with one photo showing her at the edge of the terrace's pool. Swipe for the gallery below, scroll for more.

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The newly-engaged star, set to marry producer beau Andrew Form, took to her caption, writing: "Enjoying the LA winter weather @alo." Over 1.4 million likes have been left, with Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins also leaving the thumbs-up. Daddario has made plenty of pandemic headlines for her quarantine yoga sessions - now, though, the clothing donned during them comes sponsored as the actress' profile continues to rise.

Alexandra didn't #ad her post, but the regular name-drops have made it clear she's got herself an Alo partnership.

Pandemic Self-Care

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Daddario has opened up on maintaining her self-care during COVID. Speaking to Variety, the actress confirmed that having some kind of routine is vital.

”Keeping up with routine is important,” she said, adding: “You lose so much of it [in quarantine], in addition to the added stress, fear and general news cycle."

“There were plenty of mornings when we woke up, sat on the couch, and by 4 p.m. we were still in our pajamas and hadn’t washed our faces,” she, however, admitted, prior to shooting picking up again.

Life 'Stressful' Without Chocolate

Daddario, who made 2021 headlines for showing off her burger appetite on Instagram, has also revealed her mindset when it comes to cheat foods. Speaking to Health, the actress revealed:

"When I’m hungry, I want food, like, now, or else I get very cranky." She also confirmed there's absolutely room for "cheat" foods, continuing: "I think you have to indulge or the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat will detract from any benefits you’re getting from eating healthy." She concluded that life without chocolate is "stressful."