Ayesha Curry Sets The Record Straight On Open Relationship Rumors

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“Don’t disrespect my marriage like that,” Ayesha Curry claps back at an overly enthusiastic troll on The Shade Room. Until she broke her silence yesterday, there had been rumors flying about the marriage status of the Chef and her NBA husband of 10 years, Stephen Curry. Sources insinuated that the pair had an open marriage (meaning both parties could engage other people romantically without judgment) for a while now, so curious fans flooded Ayesha’s Instagram comment section with questions.

Where There’s Smoke

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The rumors started when an incredible source posted on DeuxMoi that the couple had “hookups and flings” outside their marriage. One user even said they had it “on good authority that this well known NBA couple aren’t as faithful and in love as their social media image makes them out to be!”

Curious fans then linked the “well-known couple” to Ayesha and Stephen because of the e-mail’s tagline “Not So Golden” and Stephen plays for the Golden State Warriors.

People were further convinced when the subject read “Chefs on and off the court” as Ayesha is a known cookbook author and food show TV host. More rumors flew about the couple putting on a show for the cameras, and Daily Mail reported on an alleged debacle between the two in a high-profile law firm.

Seeing Isn’t Believing

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“Don’t believe everything you read. Do you know how ridiculous that is? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and Thank You.” Those were Ayesha’s words in reply to a commenter on The Shade Room who insinuated she was in an open relationship with Stephen. She shared a post of the Basketballer GQ shoot with a caption saying, “Good Gracious God almighty @stephencurry30… My baby’s @gq cover shoot.”

Per the latest rumor, fans flooded her comments with questions on her marital status, wanting to know if the stories were true. Some even insinuated Ayesha shouldn’t be hyped over Steph’s GQ sexy shoot since he was fair game for other women. The mother of three didn’t take lightly to the disrespect considering the sanctity and length of their marriage.

Still Going Strong

Contrary to what many believed, the Currys set the record straight when they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a surprise vow renewal in July 2021. In a lengthy Instagram tribute, Ayesha wrote that her husband “is by far the most amazing being” she knows and “can’t wait to see what the next 50 years has in store.”

According to her post, Stephen planned the vow renewal as a surprise and picked out the white dress she wore. “Our big girl Riley [9] officiated and Ryan [6] and Canon [3] walked me through the grass of our backyard,” she said.

Focusing On The Positives

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The happy couple, ignoring the rumors, shared some family photos spreading holiday cheer during the festive season. Although they seem unfazed by the rumors, Ayesha felt the need to clear the air, and set the record straight before the situation escalated.

Last week, Ayesha shared some mesmerizing black and white photos from the wedding vow renewal ceremony that took place a few months prior. One of the photos showed them dancing and seemingly having the time of their lives. She accompanied the gallery with a simple caption, calling Stephen her rock.