Fans Compare 'Euphoria' Vs. '13 Reasons Why'

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Lindsay Cronin

Euphoria may be a a major hit for HBO but that doesn't mean it has been free from comparisons. In fact, since its premiere in June 2019, the Zendaya-led and Sam Levinson-directed teen drama has frequently been compared to Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, which premiered in March 2017 and released its final episode in June 2020.

Although the shows both have characters in similar stages, and both are based on books, there are also a number of differences. And, depending on what viewers prefer, not everyone will enjoy both series.

Twitter Seems To Think 'Euphoria' Is The Better Of The Two

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On the heels of Euphoria's second season premiere, which was released on HBO on Sunday, January 9, Twitter appears to be in an uproar over whether it or 13 Reasons Why is better. And, a lot of people seem to think that Euphoria is the better of the two.

"Euphoria hits the way 13 Reasons Why wished it did," one person on Twitter told their followers.

Another fan agreed with the idea, saying, "Euphoria is what 13 Reasons Why thought it was."

Both Shows Addressed Controversial Topics

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In addition to stating their "vote" for the best show between Euphoria and 13 Reasons Why, Twitter users also weighed in on the controversial topics addressed on the series, including drugs and sex.

"Everyone who watches this show and actually enjoys it is mentally deranged. I thought 13 Reasons why was the worst show ever made but Euphoria won [fist] place cause [what the f**k] is this and how are y'all watching this bullsh*t since 3 years?" one person on Twitter asked their followers.

Each Show Has Been Criticized

One Selena Gomez fan page slammed the HBO program for being "worse" than the Netflix show because it glamorized bad things, including drugs and sex, while 13 Reasons Why was based around a teen's suicide.

"Euphoria is worse than 13 Reasons Why because it quite literally ‘glamorizes’ many many bad things and it should’ve been a college show period and y’all would realize that if you didn’t just pay attention to the aesthetic the music and the hot cast," the fan page wrote on Twitter.

"So people are ok with Euphoria but had a problem with 13 Reasons Why, please make it make sense," another person shared.

Which Show Was Voted Better By Nearly 75 Percent?

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Whether or not the shows glamorize dangerous behavior is up for debate. However, when it comes to which show is the better one, there have been polls done online. One poll conducted by Heavy confirmed that Euphoria was the winner with nearly 75 percent of the vote.

There have also been tons of online debates, one of which, from [Tiger Tales], concluded that each show was worth watching because they feature two different plot lines and two different sets of characters.