Rebel Wilson Amazes With 77-Pound Weight Loss In Tight Lycra

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Rebecca Cukier

Rebel Wilson is flaunting her amazing, 77-pound weight loss poolside and in tight lycra. The 41-year-old actress continues to make headlines for having shed enough weight to be in the best shape of her life. While 2020 marked Rebel kicking off her "year of health," the photos are big-time proving she didn't just make it a one-year deal.

Rebel updated her Instagram over the weekend, posing in a cute blue gym set, also soaking up the sun as she highlighted her trim frame.

Looking Super-Fit After Weight Loss

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Scroll for the photos. Rebel, followed by 10.4 million, posted an empowering shot, one showing her backed by semi-cloudy skies and palms as she stood legs-apart and by a still-water, infinity pool.

The Pitch Perfect star was making sure fans saw her tiny waist and toned shoulders, leaning slightly forward and resting her hands near her knees while rocking an aqua-blue pair of leggings and a plunging sports bra to match. A high blonde ponytail and minimal makeup completed the sporty getup. More after the snap.

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Taking to her caption, the Aussie told fans: "Rebel Rising" with a wink-face emoji. She also added a #2022. Over 499,000 likes have been left, with actress Mindy Kaling replying: "Beautiful!" Fans quickly gushed over the Olly partner, even calling her their "inspiration." One user, also following a weight-loss journey, wrote: "I lost 50lbs in 2021 and hope to lose 50 more this year!! 👏👏."

Rebel lost the weight via mindful eating and plenty of exercise - this, via outdoor and low-impact walks.

Good, Old-Fashioned Walks

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Opening up in late 2021, Rebel revealed her preference for walking over high-intensity cardio exercise.

"I feel like sometimes people think you need to work your body really hard to get results, and yeah, if you were training to be the next Thor or something you would be doing hardcore things, but as a regular person, walking is just so healthy for you. The body is designed to move in that way," she told Today. Skip the jump for more photos below.

Steering Clear Of Old Habits

Wilson also reflected on the possibility of slipping back into her old ways - while she's admitted still turning to food during tough moments, it's a rarer deal, these days.

"It's actually been stressing me out a little bit ... I was like 'Oh God, what if I go back to my old habits of eating a whole pint of ice cream because I'm stressed?'" she added. "Or reach for the sugar, because that's what I do when I'm tired and stressed."