Zendaya Wears A 1992 Valentino Dress At Euphoria’s Premiere

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Classic and Zendaya are synonymous as the style icon continues to raise the bar in the fashion industry. Known for wearing jaw-dropping, interview-stopping, and head-turning outfits on the red carpet, the 25-year-old and her trusted stylist, Law Roach, haven’t missed once! As she steps out in a classic Valentino dress, Zendaya mesmerizes her 121 million Instagram followers.

Homage To Linda Evangelista

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The show-stopping number is a vertical striped black and white dress from a late 20th Century Valentino collection. It first walked the runway in 1992, when supermodel Linda Evangelista modeled at the Spring/Summer show. She rocked her design with pixie cut red hair, red lipstick, and bold black and white earrings. Evangelista wore a matching bold bracelet (similar to her train) to complete the look.

Zendaya’s Subtle Take

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As though paying homage to the iconic supermodel, Zendaya wore her naturally brown hair in a low-styled twist giving it almost the same look as Linda’s 1992 red hair. Instead of a bold pair of earrings, she opted for a simple silver Bvlgari diamond drop, a yellow diamond ring and kept her make-up light. Also, unlike the 1992 design, Zendaya’s dress didn’t include the black and white train, nor did she wear a matching black and white bracelet.

Iconic Style Duo

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Her relationship with Hollywood stylist Law Roach is one for the books as he gushes over her in a VOGUE magazine interview. He considers her a willing muse who puts her everything into realizing his styling visions. On her more daring approach in 2021, Roach said, “She’s a woman now so we’ve been doing a little more skin and sexy. We like to create aspirational looks that people will talk about for a while.” And we’ve been talking for the past two years. He continued saying, “we have such a relationship that there’s no fear when it comes to fashion. There’s nothing she won’t try (don’t we know it!) She’s fearless.”

The 2021 CFDA Icon

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The CFDA recognized Zendaya’s impact on fashion, making her the youngest recipient of its icon award last year. From her magazine covers to her red carpet outfits, the young actress knows how to arrest our attention. On the CFDA award day, she stepped out in a red monochrome look that shut down every doubt about her meriting the recognition. Zendaya is a woman on a mission in the fashion industry, and we must listen when her outfits make bold statements!